PURE YUZU JUICE 100% (Yuzuya Honten ) 720ml

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Extremely aromatic, with a pure taste and without additives, this 100% yuzu juice is a healthy solution for a fruit vinegar!

The yuzu citrus fruits are carefully selected and squeezed piece by piece with hands to avoid bitterness. This way the taste and the rich soft aroma are preserved!

In addition to recipes that can easily replace vinegar, you can use it also in dressings but also in drinks and cocktails!



Yuzu juice (citrus) 100%.



General Category Drinks
World Cuisines Japan
Origin Japan
Category Juices & Fruit Drinks
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Subcategory Juices




Yuzuya Honten was established in January 1978 in Hagi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. They strove to put all their heart into producing the genuine, natural flavor from local ingredients. Daidai, Yuzu, Natsumikan and other citrus are grown locally and part of the ingredients are direct from their own farm. The yuzu citrus in this product are all squeezed one by one. Part of the juice is then matured for more than ten months at a consistent temperature, which results in a mild and rich taste that will add special flavor to various dishes.

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