Oshizushi Press Sushi Mould

35.00 不含税

Be a professional Japanese chef with this Oshizushi Press Sushi Rice Mould. This commercial quality battera sushi mould will help you make the perfect battera sushi. The Oshizushi Press Sushi Rice Mould can be taken apart into three parts, a bottom part, the rectangular walls and a top part. Before use, the rectangular walls should be put in water so that the rice sticks less to the walls.The bottom part and the top can be covered with a layer of plastic foil for easier cleaning. The bottom part and the walls are assembled before the rice and the topping is added. Next, the top part is used to press onto the sushi rice. For disassembly, the rectangular walls are pulled up while the top part still presses onto the sushi.


Item Code 17257
Dimension 19.0cm x 9.5cm x 7.0cm
Material Polyethylene (PE)
重量 1 公斤